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Before I start telling you about who I am, I would like to tell you who I am NOT. I am not a Bible scholar. I have not been trained in seminary. I hold no degrees in anything related to religion or religious teachings. Everything I write about is from my own perspective and opinion. And boy, do I have a LOT of opinions. If you don’t like them, please put the book aside or donate it to your local library. My hope and prayer is that this book will end up in the hands of someone who is disconnected from God, and finds within the pages an inspiration to desire a relationship with God and pursues it. That’s all. Nothing fancy here. I’m just being real and telling my story.

Oh right, I’m supposed to tell you “About the Author.” Well, I heard a message that made sense to me about God at Next Level Church in Matthews, NC in 2008. I accepted Christ as my personal Savior and was baptized in September of that year, to the great joy of my husband Steven Kummert.

Back-story: I was born in New Orleans, LA and grew up in the Garden District as Eve Evans Lindsay. I took the streetcar to school every morning. I was supposed to become a Debutante upon graduation from high school, which is another word for “Trophy Wife.” Didn’t happen. I basically don’t like rules and figure that they are for everyone else’s benefit but don’t apply to EveL (my nickname since 3rd grade – access the website blog for the story of how this atrocity happened). I was a punk rocker and general rebel while attending the most exclusive private girls’ school in town. I did what few people get away with: I ran away from home and started going to college without ever finishing high school.

I ended up going back to New Orleans and got a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and about half a Master’s degree before moving away. I am absolutely PASSIONATE about rocks and geology. If you invite me over for dinner, I will tell you more than you ever wanted to know (and certainly more than the idiot salesperson told you) about your granite countertops. This is also how I found myself travelling to Costa Rica to see a live volcano – Volcan Arenal..

In between college and Costa Rica, I married a nice Geologist and had a darling daughter named Natalie. Sometimes, things don’t work out. I filed for divorce in 2002, and ended up meeting the love of my life about 3 months later. We got engaged a few months after that. Spare the criticism, I KNOW it’s tacky to get engaged to one man while you’re still married to another. Love happens. What can I say? A beautiful wedding and subsequent marriage ensued with Steven Kummert. Steve brought us to church and was instrumental in God revealing himself to both me and Natalie.

Later, we bought a home in Costa Rica at Lake Arenal with a view of both the lake and the volcano (my stipulation!). Steve & I made a decision to move there permanently and felt called to mission. Eventually, I sent Steven down ahead of me to “start our new life.” He died the night he arrived in Costa Rica.

Zzziiipppp! Rewind. How could this happen to us when we had a God-given mission? How could I ever cope with Steve’s loss? Why wasn’t I angry with God? I feel compelled to tell my story and my testimony of faith of how you can come to Christ at 44 years old, feel so convicted that you accept “mission,” and survive the death of your beloved partner.

I am a widow. I currently live most of the time in Matthews, NC with my daughter and two cats (one of whom is convinced that he is actually a dog), and small pond full of fish that brings me great joy. I am also a most fortunate woman because I live part of the year at my beautiful home in Costa Rica overlooking Lake Arenal and the volcano. I frequently have pink hair.

Lastly, I am a child of God and I am loved.



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