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Support Group


A Widow's Walk

Next Level Church
Spring Semester 2014
(Life Group #21)

This Life Group is open to widows and widowers whether you attend Next Level Church or not. The group will meet every other Thursday at 6:30pm at a local coffee shop (9/18, 10/2, 10/16, 10/30 & 11/13). Being a widow/widower is a lonely walk. We will meet together to share fellowship and support for one another while studying words of encouragement from the Bible. We will also use resources from a number of grief and widow support groups to stimulate our discussions. Whether you are a brand new widow/widower, or have been for many years, this group is for you! Our goal is to help you take the next step in your walk with God and in healing broken hearts.

This widow's support group is led by Eve Kummert in the south Charlotte/ Matthews area and is open to both women and men.

Eve's contact information:

Eve Leger Kemmert


To sign up for this group:
Click here to go to Next Level Church's Life Groups page.
Then scroll down to "A Widow's Walk" and click on "Get Connected". 



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